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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ambitions as a Rider

Each and every one is a wannabe, everyone wants to be something, according to yours truly, the stigmatization on the word wannabe is misdirection and shallow mindedness.
Wanting to be shouldn’t be looked down upon, wanting to be is the first step in the journey of being, today, the society, friends and family are so full of reasons why you cannot be before you become. Once you are, they come back frolicking saying, they always knew you had it in you to be.
Hence, do not for one minute pay attention to anyone who is of the opinion that you will not achieve what you desire, my word to you is; never stop believing, in yourself, your dreams, your aspirations and ambitions. Once you believe, do not stop at that, and this is where it becomes tricky, working on your dreams, see, no one ever made it by sitting around on their hunches and dreaming all day long.
You owe it to yourself to work hard, to be relentless in the pursuit of your dream, the musician Wale in the song ambition correctly says, it is easy to dream a dream, but it is harder to live it. So keep on keeping on, working hard and playing hard, till you make it or break it.
Till next time, it’s your boy Bujabs.

****Brought to you by creative writer Dennis Ohuru/Bujabs Dennis. ****

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