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Sunday, 14 February 2016

lovely today, ugly tommorow

 #Lovely today, #ugly tomorrow

***by Bujabs Dennis****

What does it take to love? When would you know you are in love? And is it possible to fall out of love?
It takes nothing to love simply because,
Love can't be explained.
Love can't be confined within the boundaries of language or speech.
Love is just, Well, Love.
Sooner or later, we all fall into loves gaping maw.
We cannot decide who to love, so to love will always remain to risk not being loved in return
That may not be fair, but then again, life is not fair.
Lovely today, Ugly tomorrow

You know you are in love, when…
You don't think of the other persons' whereabouts as much as of their well-being.
You call, not to talk but to hear their voice.
You are made happy not by achievements but by the other persons existence.
You hold hands and you are at peace with the whole universe.
You are with them. There is no past tense. No present continuous. No how. Just now.
 You get caught up in the moment of their laughter, when in your eyes their weaknesses are just weaknesses, not weaknesses.
It is a beautiful feeling to feel love.
Lovely today, ugly tomorrow.

Is it possible to fall out of love? YES it is.
When two people that once loved each other fall out of love, they can't be friends, because they have hurt each other.
They can't be enemies, because they once loved each other.
Instead they become the most familiar strangers.
LOVELY today. UGLY tomorrow

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