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Friday, 26 February 2016

Miss Leggy Leggy

The details of yester-evening remain solidly plastered on my cerebellum…
 My eyes were idly roving my surroundings, that’s until they fell on her…
And yes, I fell in love.
Not only with her face, her face, the definition of beauty.
And not only with her grace, her slow, booty rolling, hip swinging gait.
But also with her legs, especially her legs, Mon dieu!!!
She had holy legs….

Holy because the English language doesn’t have a better word, and even if it has, there is just no better way to word it.
This lady had a way of stretching those beautiful, long, sexy, never ending walking apparatus to a beat in my mind that suggested illegal things.
The way my fingers could steal their way up those goddess legs, draw minute patterns up on those fleshy thighs, damn! What the fuck am I saying!
Back to the story, before my optical telescopes could get accustomed to miss leggy leggy, she went around a corner and was forever lost to me.

But I will remember those legs, and were they holy legs!

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DENNIS ohuru

DENNIS ohuru