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Monday, 29 February 2016

The Dick, A tribute

The dick, yes, that's what am going to write about today, 
I am outrageous like that.
Every man should be proud of his merchandise, and to that end, I hereby dedicate a note to it.

They are the poster children of all orgasms,
They deserve to be stuffed and mounted like trophies over a fireplace.
Put on display behind bullet-proof glass, with heat sensitive alarms and motion detectors at the smithsonian of cork-doom.

If mine were to speak for itself, it would say, "I am who i am."
And if you are cursed with a tooth pick of a dick,

sorry, pinch yourself and pay homage because we have nothing in common in dick zone.

When he goes horizontal, he becomes monumental,
he's DETRIMENTAL and leaves bitches all sentimental..
this is because he rarely does repeat performances, 
he is that ht-and-run like he ain't got insurance guy.

Am forever grateful and proud to be having him hanging like a mythical god of fertility over my balls.

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DENNIS ohuru

DENNIS ohuru