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Monday, 7 March 2016

Breaking up, When love turns sour.

Two people that were in love once, cannot be friends- they hurt each other.
They cannot be enemies, they once loved each other.
Instead they become the most familiar strangers.

Breaking up hurts, more so if the victim is you.
Being left makes you ask yourself loads of questions, the things you did that you could have done differently,
the things you said that you wish you hadn't said,
the moments shared that you will miss.
And last but not least, when and how you will move on.
And so, breaking up is and will always remain love's bad side.

We are obsessed with happy endings.
No doubt you've watched movies that end happily,
read books that showcase happy endings,
in the end it is by no fault of our own, integrated into our system that love is magical, and like all the books and movies say, never ending.
And then, even though we know better, we place our hands in the fire and think we will not get burnt.

Alas, happy endings belong in holly wood movies and fiction novels,
Reality is way, way different.
The first weeks, and months of love are magical...
The other person angelic...
Then, all over sudden,
the text messages intermittently decrease,
the calls are replaced by voice mails,
the immediate message replies turn to replies in days, not minutes.
Love goes sour, and breaking up seems the only solution.

WE ARE CURSED, because love is here to stay, and so are break ups.
Cinderella, beauty and the beast, Rapunzel and Sleeping beauty will forever remain, just fairy tales...

There are no princesses and prince charming s in the real world.
Only bad decisions, falling in love, make ups and break ups.

its your boy Ohuru.

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