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Friday, 4 March 2016

Communication tips for managers

As a manager, there are four core competencies I need to possess to be an effective communicator – insight; feedback/coaching skills; listening skills; and, of course, communicating. Here’s why these competencies are critical:

I need insight for planning performance goals and linking them to company priorities.

Feedback and coaching
I need Feedback and coaching skills to pinpoint improvement opportunities and to help employees prepare for future assignments.

Listening skills
I need listening skills to draw information out of people and to probe the root causes of problems.
I need to possess communication skills, both oral written – to shape employee beliefs and attitudes.

Creating a communication plan involves thinking through the message I wish to convey, understanding my target audience and determining the best way to deliver my message.
The following template and change model demonstrates the kind of planning guidance that I include in my manager’s communication toolkit. (The level of sophistication of the planning process could vary depending on the complexity of the communication initiative and the seniority of managers and leaders involved)

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DENNIS ohuru

DENNIS ohuru