The f****k of my life

Today I write about a mythical character, one I am looking for and praying to find. The fuck of my life.

This controversial topic came to me as I sat in my humble hacienda, so there I sat, thinking about things I shouldn’t think about, dreaming about glory and future greatness.

As I sat brooding and musing, I thought to myself, “Bujabs, you’ve had a good run, you’ve led your dick on many campaigns and won legendary conquests, you’ve battled on many a battlefield, most times with no monetary cavalry to ease your strife, nonetheless, you won. 
Still, let us hope you haven't met the fuck of your life. Whose story will keep you warm in your grey days."

She will have eyes that can rape, and lips that with a single kiss can make a nigga slap the dean of schools. She will know how to shake her bum like those ladies in Konshen’s girl a bubble video. She will have a voice to rival that of Lucy, do not ask me who Lucy is, must you know everything?

She will be a bedroom bully akin to Letisha, damn, that’s a story for another day.
And speaking of the bedroom, the fuck of my life will be a screamer, she will scream her guts out;

 I have a thing for screamers, I feel it’s a proper reward for my trouble, especially when I go down on her. This lady will no doubt know how to blowjob a brother, like that Jacky chic who blowjobed me in a cyber café.  

She will deliver the type of blowjob that can make a fellow go back home, put his legs on the table, and send his papa to the mall.


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