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Miss Leggy Leggy

The details of Yester evening remain solidly plastered on my cerebellum…  My eyes were idly roving my surroundings, that’s until they fell on her… And yes, I fell in love. Not only with her face, her face, the definition of beauty. And not only with her grace, her slow, booty rolling, hip-swinging gait. But also with her legs, especially her legs, Mon Dieu!!! She had holy legs. Holy because the English language doesn’t have a better word, and even if it has, there is just no better way to word it. This lady had a way of stretching those beautiful, long, sexy, never-ending walking apparatus to a beat in my mind that suggested illegal things. The way my fingers could steal their way up those goddess's legs, draw minute patterns up on those fleshy thighs, damn! What the fuck am I saying! Back to the story, before my optical telescopes could get accustomed to Miss leggy leggy, she went around a corner and was forever lost to me. But I will remember those legs


All my life, rarely if ever, have I beheld a fille with attractions so calculated to bewitch a garcon. I would, if I could, make you mine. Your sweet face. Crowning the body of a  Venus . I could only gaze at creations  genius . I do not know if what words I write make sense, They could be nonsense…I do not care. All I know is you are the definition of beauty… You with your splendid eyes and charming smile. I could traverse many miles, navigate many a Nile. If I knew that smile and its owner awaited me at my journey's end.   I still cannot make up my mind whether am glad or sad that fate should have thrown you in my path. A few hours then you were gone, but I will remember you, Naomi. You are to me, and will always be. La belle Anunda.


Life, if we could dissect and disseminate it, if we could but put it under microscopic investigation, would resemble the images seen on an Electrocardiograph.  The graphical rise and fall of a heartbeat depicting the struggles we face each and every day.  Ask yourself this question, why is it that when the linear progression on an Electrocardiograph goes flat, it means the patient is dying or dead? Medical professionals will no doubt answer promptly that, when the machine goes flat, it means the heart stopped beating. So how is this relevant to our lives?   What lessons can we draw from this metaphorical insinuation? I for one is of the opinion that a life without struggle is no life at all.  Struggle builds character, struggle strengthens bonds, struggle breeds optimism and hope for better days.   Struggle is perchance nature’s sieving bowl, acting to separate the wheat from the chaff. The French say, “A vaincre sans peril, on triomphe sans gloire.”  To win without risk is a tri

Do we live in an hallucination

What is a hallucination?… The most probable answer is a hallucination is a fantasy. The mind’s visual presentation of an event or object that is not at that moment existing. We can even argue that hallucinations are the exact opposite of reality. Made me ask myself. What then is reality? The answer that came to my mind almost immediately was, reality is life as we see and know it. Reality has in itself a component of that which is witnessed; That which is real. But, hypothetically speaking, what if, we in general are hallucinating reality: What if reality is imagined. What if we perceive reality the way our minds want us to, and not the way it is. I mean, a mad man doesn’t for one second think he is mad; Furthermore, we are all born and inducted into a pre-conceived society with pre-existing notions and expectations. What if it is all a ruse..a cover to something much bigger than ourselves… I read once that, and I quote. “If we give up what we are, we become what we can be.”