Do we live in an hallucination

What is a hallucination?…
The most probable answer is a hallucination is a fantasy. The mind’s visual presentation of an event or object that is not at that moment existing.

We can even argue that hallucinations are the exact opposite of reality.

Made me ask myself. What then is reality? The answer that came to my mind almost immediately was, reality is life as we see and know it. Reality has in itself a component of that which is witnessed; That which is real.

But, hypothetically speaking, what if, we in general are hallucinating reality: What if reality is imagined. What if we perceive reality the way our minds want us to, and not the way it is.

I mean, a mad man doesn’t for one second think he is mad; Furthermore, we are all born and inducted into a pre-conceived society with pre-existing notions and expectations.

What if it is all a ruse..a cover to something much bigger than ourselves… I read once that, and I quote. “If we give up what we are, we become what we can be.”


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