Whats' in a name, a sense of identity? Some supposed ideal suggesting purpose and belonging? I fail to understand why so much importance is attached to names. Names are just that, names.
I’d like to think that Dennis does not fully encompass the individual I am. Indeed, I would go ahead and categorically state that Dennis is not me. Perhaps, right now, you are thinking that Dennis Ohuru has lost it, perhaps you are thinking, "what the hell he is talking about anyway." 
Indulge me, allow me to expound, I say Dennis is not me for the following reasons. Dennis is not an explanation, neither is it a definition, Dennis is just, what they mention to get my attention. 
The name in itself doesn’t elaborate my deepest desires, nor does it reveal the passion and ambition that is fundamental to the person I am. My name doesn’t in any way showcase my abilities and talents, nor does it instantly grant knowledge of the inner workings of my brain to third parties upon introduction.
That said, In the end, it falls upon you, yes you, to define yourself, by never letting anyone tell you who you are, but rather, telling them who you are. Live however you want to live, love whoever you want to love, be whoever you want to be, not because that’s what you have to be, or because you are expected to be that, but because you owe it to yourself to be who you want to be.


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