Always ask Why.

What is the purpose of existence, what is our position in the scheme of things? 

Is there a reason behind our existence, or are just pawns in some great galactic game. To be born, live miserably short lives, most of it spent in an unfruitful pursuit of happiness, then die and be forgotten.

Have you, like me, ever wondered, if indeed human beings are sentient, are we really awake and aware, or are we programmed, destined to lord over the less intelligent animals, cursed with an urge for self-actualization, a figment of our imagination. 

Humanity at its most basic and fundamental state is flawed, the society is segmented into classes according to wealth. Everyone is born and bound to circumstances, not of their making. 

And as they grow, they are made to do things in a way that is NORMAL and ACCEPTED by society. 
“Go to school.” 
"Because everyone goes to school."

"Dress this way and not that way.” 
"That is how PEOPLE dress."

Nobody questions these things, but maybe it's time we did, maybe it's time for questions. Maybe it's time to challenge the status quo.

I choose long ago, never to conform and always to question the existing state of affairs. Conformity is the death of progress. Do not look to fit it, instead, aim to stand out. Then maybe, just maybe, we will be more than we are. We will be better.


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