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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The colours of love.

Well, if you talk, you die, 
If you don't talk, you die.
So, its better to talk.

I had a wrist band, a beautiful thing, of many colors, given me by a past love. Diana was her name.
She said never to take if off, because as long as I had it on, she would always be in my heart.She is in my heart still, so I guess its true.

The colors are symbolic, she said.
The colors are the definition of every moment we've gone through, Red, yellow, green and white.
Is for the happy times, 
The laughter we shared...
The moments we fell in love over and over again...

Is for the tranquil and calm times..
The times we didn't need words to communicate...
The times we saw each other in each other's eyes...
The times we held hands...
The times we just smiled at each other.

The hard times...
The times that memories of better times kept us going...
The times we felt like giving up on each other...

The romantic times...
Her skin was so touchable..
Her lips so kissable..
The caresses,no reason, no  explanation, no why, no how, just now.

She said she would always love me. 
As long as she does, I WILL.

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DENNIS ohuru

DENNIS ohuru