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Friday, 26 February 2016


 All my life, rarely if ever, have I beheld a fille with attractions so calculated to bewitch a garcon.
I would if I could, make you mine.
Your Madonna face.
Crowning the body of a Venus.
The sensuous sculptured Nikki minajish figure.
I could only gaze at creations genius.

 I do not know if what words I write make sense,
They could be nonsense…I do not care.
All I know is you are the definition of beauty…
You with your splendid eyes and charming smile.
I could traverse many miles, navigate many a Nile.
If I knew that smile and its owner awaited me at my journeys
I still cannot make up my mind whether am glad or sad that fate should have thrown you in my path.
A few hours then you were gone, but I will remember you Naomi.

You are to me, and will always be. La belle Anunda.

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DENNIS ohuru

DENNIS ohuru